9 June 2019

3.A - revision

3.B - revision

3.E - revision

4.E - revision

ALL ABOUT FOOD Quizlet - food

Unit 7 - Popular sports

Practice new words here<

Unit 8 - I like chocolate! 🍮🍰🍩🍪

Learn new words here<

I like chicken! Song!  🍖

I like pirates!VIDEO

Unit 9 - Do you like ice cream? 🍦🍧🍨

Learn new words here<

Video Do you like cheese? Yes, I do. No, I don't.

(how to make kimchi - traditional Korean food video<)

Unit 10 - Yummy, I love it. Yuk! I hate it! 😛😍 💥 😝😫

Learn new words here<

Can / Can't VIDEOs, SONGs

Unit 6 

Learn new words here<

Can / Can't SONG video! 👉💪 🚲 🚳 ☕ 🚱

I can / I can't ? Can you? VIDEO< 🎸🎻🎵🏊

I can girl and I can't captain.. VIDEO<

Part II: I can girl and I can't captain... VIDEO<

5.C - revision

Unit 22 - Are you going to snorkel?

New vocabulary here<

Unit 23 - We live in Europe.

New vocabulary here<

Unit 24 - United Kingdom and USA

New vocabulary here<

Unit 25 - Canada and Australia

New vocabulary here<

Unit 26 - Birthdays

New vocabulary here<


Unit 20 - I am going to Spain in July...

Revise your vocabulary here<

Unit 21 - I am going to collect fossils...

Revise your vocabulary here<

5.E - revision

She plays football
He doesn't play chess.... QUIZLET HERE

Revise TIME - What time is it?

Video here<

Unit 25 - What can people do?

Unit 26 - We are having a picnic...

Practice new Vocabulary here<

Revision: 🤔😇

Food topic:🍎🍐🍒🍓🍕🍩🍌

Do you like broccoli ice cream? Video Song<

Do you like spaghetti yogurt? Video Song<  🍜

Can you? Yes, I can! No, I can't! 💪👌 💥 👎😝

Can Song<

I can / I can't .... video

I Can girl and Captain Can't... video